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AM Meditech (M) Sdn Bhd (AMM) has been at the forefront of Orthopedics, Neurosurgery and Plastic and reconstructive surgery sales for more than 17 years. AMM has great individuals with long and successful careers in sales of medical equipment and implants. AM Meditech has become synonymous in the above fields with wide scale achievements. AMM and its office bearers have been embarking in expanding newer horizons in the field of medicine and surgery.

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A tear to the ACL results from overstretching of this ligament within the knee
1. Usually due to a sudden stop and twisting motion of the knee, or a force or “blow” to the front of the knee
2. The extent of the tear can be partial or complete
3. Individuals experiencing a tear to the ACL may feel a pop at the time of the injury
4. It is often injured together with other structures inside the knee, namely the medial collateral ligament and medial

Facts about ACL Tears 1. Of the four major ligaments in the knee, the ACL and the medial collateral ligament are most often injured in sports 2. Reconstruction of a torn ACL is now a common procedure with over 200,000 hospital admissions per year in the US 3. With society's increasing interest in physical fitness, primary care physicians are seeing more athletic injuries 4. Today's athletes have a greater than 90% chance of returning to their pre-injury level of sports participation 5.ACL reconstruction is a highly successful operation 6. With good rehabilitation, 90 - 95% of individuals who undergo this surgery can expect to return to full sports participation within six months

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